What is Google Local in the Rank Tracker?

By Fernado

The “Organic Keyword Ranking Label” data in our Monthly Reports show how your URL is ranking on different metrics from the Search Engines.

Google Ranking refers to the number of keywords that are placed in Google’s TOP 100.
Example: If there are 20 words in the listing and 17 are in the TOP 100, then that will be the number reported.

Google Change refers to the cutoff of the reporting period in which improved positions are added and those that have deteriorated are subtracted to give an overall result.

Google Local & Google Local Change apply to the same logic.

So we see that for the keyword phrase “used car dealer in Wainwright“, the ranking in the keyword list below shows it in 2nd position for “Google Local Ranking”.
To sum up. “Google Local Ranking” refers to the ranking on Google Maps for the keyword searched.

Google Local Ranking
Organic Keyword ranking

Keyword List

The list of keywords applies to the phrases that were worked on by SEO during the reporting period.

SEO: Keyword List

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