How To Improve Your Customer Engagement

Your customer engagement is so important to your business and really impacts the ability to make conversions, get new customers and keep returning customers. There are many things you can do to make sure your customers are engaging with your brand and here are just some of the things you can do to encourage that behavior.... Read More

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What Are Your Customers Magic Words?

There are so many people in the world and they all have different needs and wants when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. Therefore, it only makes sense that certain words make some people convert more successfully than others depending on the vehicle they are looking at... Read More

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Three Things You Need To Be Doing Right Now As An Automotive Dealer

Change is coming for dealership-level automotive marketers with an increase of tech-savvy customers and technological advances. While the biggest changes are still to come, there are three things that are shifting the game for dealers right now... Read More

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Why You Need To Have Diversity In Your Advertising

Millennials are the most diverse generation in our nation’s history. For example, about three quarters of baby boomers are white compared to just over half of millennial, and because of this, the demographic shift of the ad audience has far outpaced the demographic shift of the ad industry... Read More



Why You Need To Have Video On Your Dealership Website

Video is great for business and can separate you from your competition, build your brand, as well as attract new customers. If you don’t have video on your website yet, it’s time to start now... Read More

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