Why You Should Be Posting Videos On Youtube

Youtube lets billions of people from around the world watch and share videos posted by various users. It lets people connect and acts as a distributor for original content creators as well as advertisers. Here are some reasons as to why you should be using Youtube to distribute content for your business... Read More

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How Millennials Are Changing Automotive

The millennial generation is almost as large as the previous baby boomer generation. However, millennials are the most diverse, educated, socially conscious and tech savvy generation the world has had. As more and more gain careers, the future is looking bright for this group seeing that their generation is projected to be the wealthiest yet. In the next 10 years... Read More



How You Can Optimize Your Social Media Posts For Search Engines

Your social media pages are a huge part of your brand and can really help improve your rankings in search engines when effectively put to use. About half of the world’s population uses at least one social media network per day and because of its huge popularity, search engines really pay attention to your business’ presence on social media. Here are five tips.... Read More



The Five Key Auto Micro Moments On Mobile Devices

When a consumer is shopping for a new vehicle, he or she asks themselves certain questions that lead up to the end result of a purchase. The 5 key moments consumers have that you should be catering to as a dealership are as stated.... Read More

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What You Need To Know About Canadian Car Buyers

At any given moment, one in three Canadian adults are thinking about, actively researching, or are in the process of buying a car. On days when in-market consumers are thinking about purchases, it’s on their mind on average of 3X per day... Read More