Google Simplifies Their Review Process To Make It More Consumer And Mobile Friendly

Receiving good reviews are very important for your business, and now Google has made it easier for your consumers to leave one about you!... Read More

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What’s your dealer’s story?

Well, what is it? Is it that you’re family owned and operated? Is it that you’ve been serving your community for “x” amount of years? Is it that you have the lowest price in town? If you work inside a dealership and these are the answers you are coming up with... Read More

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Stand out online, while others stand in line.

It’s not a joke, it’s really how most companies come up with the newest style of landing page, newest VDP (vehicle detail page), newest online parts inquiry process, and newest anything.... Read More



How are your customers searching for their next vehicle purchase?

According to the latest survey (November 2013) released by Google, today’s shoppers are doing more research than ever; with an average of 24 research touch points before completing the purchase with a 35% of them from a mobile... Read More

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Get the word out about your Page to your friends and customers

You can invite your friends on Facebook to like your Page. Go to Build Audience tab at the top of your Page and select Invite Friends. You can send invitations to your email contact lists by uploading your own contact list file or using your email contact lists from the online services... Read More

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